Spring 2020 - Remote Teaching

While the physical Language Center is closed for the time being, click the links below to see how our staff is still working hard to support language instruction at UChicago.

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Teaching Remotely at UChicago

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Zoom – Recordings, Canvas, and other features

One last post regarding all things Zoom...   Recording in Zoom I created two new documents regarding recording in Zoom: Recording Zoom Meetings to the Cloud - Instructors Updated 3/30/20: added reference to cloud recordings in Canvas Recording and Uploading Zoom...

Asynchronous Instruction video series

Below is a series of three (for now) videos on asynchronous online language instruction. 1. Catherine Baumann, UChicago Language Center Director, with an introduction and overview. 2. Alba Girons Masot, Director of the Catalan Language Program and Senior Lecturer,...

Assessment webinar: Recording and materials

Here are the recording and materials for Ahmet Dursun's presentation titled "Remote Assesment of Language Use and Knowledge." Recording, hosted on Zoom Slides Rubric templates Some more follow-up materials: Polling during class sessions: https://www.polleverywhere.com...