Language Pedagogy for the Contemporary Classroom

Language Pedagogy for the Contemporary Classroom is a graduate-level seminar offered every Winter quarter, team-taught by Catherine Baumann (Director, Chicago Language Center) and Christopher Simon (Coordinator, Classics Language Program).

This seminar is designed to meet the needs of students teaching both modern and ancient languages who:

  • are interested in teaching language in their academic careers
  • will work in UChicago programs as LAs or instructors
  • may teach in the Summer Language Institute
  • wish to pursue the Chicago Center for Teaching’s Certificate in Second Language Pedagogy
  • plan to pursue Humanities Teaching Fellows positions upon completion of their PhD
  • wish to be able to speak knowledgably about teaching and learning languages when on the job market

CCTE 50100’s innovative design brings together graduate students in both modern and ancient languages. In the first four sessions, grad students in both groups meet together to work through topics germane to learning, assessment, and reverse design. In sessions 5-7, the group splits to consider more concrete techniques, activities and materials for instruction specific to the languages they teach. The two groups come back together for a session on instructional technology and online resources. Graduate students who participate in CCTE 50100 will be able to:

  • critically analyze methods and approaches
  • use backward design to determine and meet goals and objectives
  • create lessons and syllabi that are goal oriented
  • design assessment for activities, skills and end-of-course or program measurements
  • implement pedagogically-driven multimedia
  • learn how to make informed choices for hybrid instruction
  • integrate collaborative learning into instruction
  • assess broader trends in language instruction, such as content-based courses, online instruction, and others
  • participate knowledgeably in discussions about pedagogy for language and other courses

CCTE 50100 is listed in the Registrar’s Schedule of Classes. Students may register for 100 units or for 0 units. CCTE 50100 is usually graded P (pass) or F (fail). If a student prefers a quality grade (A-F), they should inform the instructor so the request can be made to the Registrar’s office.

For more information about this seminar contact Catherine Baumann at ccbauman@uchicago.edu or Christopher Simon at cmsimon@uchicago.edu.