Summer Mini-Courses

Language pedagogy professional development for instructors at any stage of their career.

Our assessment-driven, reverse design approach means that you are the agent of your curricular design and development.

CLC Summer Mini-Courses promise:

  • Measurable, attainable, and concrete professional development outcomes
  • Rigorous course content and objectives
  • Virtual format enhanced by synchronous sessions
  • Practices grounded in cutting edge research
  • Deployable hands-on classroom practices and products

These online courses are primarily asynchronous, with weekly synchronous sessions.

Summer 2022 Offerings

Fundamentals of Domain Analysis Research: An Evidence-based Approach to Develop LSP Assessments and Curricula

LSP courses prepare language learners to function in a wide variety of real-world professional domains. Designing an effective course requires that the specific knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) needed to function in the domain are identified and defined. In this MiniCourse you will first learn how to conduct domain analysis research that results in the development of key KSAS and an accompany ing design blueprint for a given proficiency level. This matrix will form the basis upon which you create assessments and ultimately reverse design an aligned curriculum.

This summer’s Domain Analysis min-course will run from June 20-July 22. For more information, contact Ahmet Dursun at

Below, the UChicago Office of Language Assessment director Ahmet Dursun gives a keynote titled “Domain Analysis as a Multidimensional Research Framework” at the 2022 ISLSP-CIBER Symposium.