By Lawton Bauer

The University of Chicago Language Center begins an ambitious rebranding effort with the unveiling of a new and unique logo.

This effort comes as the Center seeks to streamline its content and design to both emphasize its affiliation with the University and establish itself as a unique and distinct entity in its own right.

The circle represents the Center’s function as a hub of communication through languages and collaboration, with the different colors representing people of different cultures interacting and helping each other. These colors also represent the family of centers that collectively make the CLC – maroon for the CLC itself, goldenrod for the Office of Language Assessment, and blue for the English Language Institute.

Previously, the Center had operated without a standardized logo, instead using the University’s color scheme and designs. 

In conjunction with the new logo, the Center also plans to expand its presence on campus and beyond in the coming weeks, so make sure to stay tuned for future updates.