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University of Chicago Language Center

The CLC is a hub of professional development and services for the hundreds of instructors and graduate students that teach the 50+ languages spread across various departments within the university. We also promote language study and increase the visibility of our language offerings, helping students navigate and go beyond the university’s language requirements.

Office of Language Assessment logoOffice of Language Assessment

Established in 2016, the OLA has centralized all language testing across the University of Chicago campus to ensure the highest quality of tests and testing procedures. Using research and practice from the fields of Applied Linguistics and Language Testing, we develop strategies to expand and integrate the University’s language testing and pedagogy programs.


English Language Institute logoEnglish Language

Through academic, professional, and intercultural programming, the ELI supports UChicago individuals for whom English is an additional language (EAL). Established in 2015, the ELI is housed in the CLC and partially funded by the Provost’s Office.


Where Will Language Study Take You?

Stories that illustrate how UChicago students use their language abilities in the real world and that highlight our instructors’ passion for language teaching


Studying Japanese at UChicago

“I’ve been able to use my Japanese skills in a number of ways, from simply ordering lunch when I go to Japan to giving academic presentations in Japanese.”


Studying Czech at UChicago

“I couldn’t be happier with my decision to study Czech. It has allowed me to get connected with an entirely new region of the world and the Czech language has helped me synthesize research interests that I didn’t even know I had.”


Studying Spanish, from UChicago to Malaga

“I’m really looking forward to my summer as not only a chance to study Spanish, but also to experience the intersection between Islamic and European cultures.”


Studying Hindi at UChicago

“I studied Spanish for four years in high school but I knew when I started college that I wanted to take a less commonly taught language, so I chose Hindi.”

Ana Lima

Teaching Portuguese at UChicago

“I like to teach languages, particularly Portuguese, because it’s a way to keep in touch with my culture, and it’s also a way to make other people understand that Portuguese is a language that’s useful for traveling, for working.”


Studying German at UChicago

“Once I graduate I’ll be really competitive in the job market, not just because I already know Spanish and English, my native languages, but because my German skills will already be up to snuff to do well in international relations.”


Studying Spanish and Korean at UChicago

“Having an advanced proficiency in Spanish and knowledge of Korean isn’t just useful for when I’m living in areas where these languages are spoken; it gives me a starting point for anything I want to study pertaining to these areas.”

Claire and Katie

Studying French at UChicago

“The thing that I like the most about being a student in French language at UChicago is my friends who I found in the program.”




Cobb Hall, Suite 211
5811 S Ellis Ave
Chicago, IL 60637

We are located on the 2nd floor of Cobb Hall, on the main quadrangle of the University of Chicago campus in Hyde Park. The Ellis Avenue entrance is accessible by wheelchair.



Autumn Quarter 2023:

  • Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM


For questions, reservations, and further info, please contact us by phone or email:
Phone: (773) 702-9772
Email: languages@uchicago.edu




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