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Cathy Baumann’s Interview on Reverse Design

"When we teach, we make hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions: which materials should I use? Which textbook? What will be homework? What will I do in class? You can make better choices about all those questions if you know where you’re going, if you know what your...

Ahmet Dursun’s Interview on Assessment

"Remote assessment will help us pause, reflect, and re-think the role of classroom assessment and re-evaluate its effectiveness."The CLC's own Ahmet Dursun (director of the Office of Language Assessment) recently gave an interview to staff from the Humanities Division...

Tech Mini-Workshops: Loom, Canva, and Microsoft Stream

On Wednesday, Feb 17, 2021, Nicole Burgoyne (German) and Nick Swinehart (CLC) gave a workshop introducing several technical tools and techniques: automatic foreign-language captions with Microsoft Stream, screen recording with Loom, and graphic design with Canva. •...