2022 Chicago Language Symposium

Languages for Specific Purposes: Reframing the Aims of Language Instruction

April 23, 2022
University of Chicago David Rubenstein Forum

Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP) courses and curricula have the potential to expand our offerings and objectives, resulting in courses that are attractive to our students and represent the goals of the 21st century learner. Yet LSP as a field remains largely under-researched and lacking a solid, agreed-upon basis in pedagogy and assessment. At CLS 2022 we hope to share the work being done in and around LSP’s to both reflect upon and grow this essential, yet in many ways nascent field.

Topics may include:

  • LSP and the 21st century learner
  • LSP beyond Business and Medicine
  • Articulating LSP courses with existing language sequences
  • Materials for LSP instruction
  • LSP and assessment
  • LSP and experiential learning through internships
  • Outreach and recruitment
  • LCTLs in the context of large language departments
  • The burden – or freedom – of the “one-person show”

Language instructors at all levels and of all languages are invited to submit proposals. The symposium language is English.

For information on past symposia, click here. Questions about your proposal? ccbauman@uchicago.edu

Each presentation will be 20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for Q&A. Proposal abstracts (250 word max) can be uploaded at the link below. All presenters must attend the symposium in-person.

The proposal submission deadline has passed.



This year’s Chicago Language Symposium – and its symposium theme – is being held in cooperation with the bi-annual meeting of the Sixth International Symposium on Languages for Specific Purposes (ISLSP) with support from the U.S. Department of Education’s Centers of International Business Education and Research (CIBER) on April 21-22.


Note about the Symposium Format

Since Northwestern University established Chicago Language Symposium in 1999, it has always been a modest-sized meeting that allowed for a lively and sustained conversation amongst its participants over the course of the Symposium’s sessions. In order to preserve that highly valued aspect of the meeting, in 2022 the Chicago Language Symposium has been conceived as a primarily in-person event. Participants will be able to attend remotely, however opportunities for remote-participant interaction during sessions will be limited (due to the venue). All presenters must attend in-person.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and consideration.

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