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CLC Policies for Fall 2020

To view CLC Policies for Autumn quarter of 2020: CLC Policies - Fall 2020. Some key takeaways: • CLC staff will be working remotely but will continue to support language instruction at UChicago. • Equipment will be loaned out for the duration of the quarter on a...

Blended Synchronous Learning

Blended Synchronous Learning

Blended synchronous learning (BSL) is a mode of instruction where in-person and remote students are combined in one classroom environment. This form of teaching presents numerous challenges, but may be necessary at times in the 2020-2021 academic year when students...

2020 Shared LCTL Symposium – ‘Meeting the Challenge’

On Friday August 21, 2020, staff from UChicago and Michigan State held their fourth annual--and first virtual--Shared LCTL Symposium. The complete recording and outline can be found below. Hightlights include Tom Garza's talk titled Zooming for Proficiency: Online...