Spring 2020 - Remote Teaching

While the physical Language Center is closed for the time being, click the links below to see how our staff is still working hard to support language instruction at UChicago.

Virtual Office Hours

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Teaching Remotely at UChicago

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Links and Resources from SLI Intensive Online Workshops

Recordings Workshop 1: Pedagogy – recording (Cathy Baumann, 5/14/20) Workshop 2: Assessment – recording (Ahmet Dursun, 5/21/20) Workshop 3: Technology – recording (Nick Swinehart, 5/28/20)  Assessment Resources Proficiency Assessment Task Formats pdf: This document...

Notes on Zoom security

Zoom meeting rooms are public by default.  Below are some steps you can take to make your meetings more secure.' Update on 4/9/20: UChicago IT Services has several recommended settings for class meetings, and Zoom has added a convenient 'Security' button along the...

Making the best of the camera you have

NB: These guidelines are written from the perspective of those in Chicago, the mid-latitudes of the northern hemisphere.  Those in the southern hemisphere should substitute south for north in these recommendations.  Those in tropical latitudes will see significantly...