Language Pedagogy Innovation Initiative

Spurring Innovation through Assessment, Curriculum, and Professional Development

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Autumn 2019 Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8am-8pm

Friday: 8am-5pm


Embedding large video files in Canvas with Kaltura Media

If you have large video files, you have (at least) 3 options for getting them into Canvas: Upload them directly to Canvas like you would a PDF. Upload them to Box and insert a link within Canvas. Upload to Kaltura and embed within Canvas. Option 1 is undesirable...

Language Pedagogy Innovation Initiative

Language Pedagogy Innovation Initiative

Supported by the College, the Language Pedagogy Innovation Initiative is spurring innovation in language teaching through language assessment literacy, proficiency-based testing, and reverse design. Instructors first attend workshops on language assessment aimed at...

Splitting a PDF using Preview on a Mac

As with most computer tasks, Macs have a secret ability that is hard to discover but very easy to use: creating a new, smaller PDF from a larger PDF. To do this, open the original PDF with Preview (usually the default PDF application for Macs). Once the file is open,...