CLC Workshops

CLC workshops aim to cover a diverse range of topics and presenters. For Autumn 2022, all workshops will be held online. To foster discussion and community we encourage attending via Zoom at the scheduled time as much as possible, but each session will be recorded for those who cannot attend. All workshops are limited to University of Chicago faculty and staff unless otherwise noted. 

Autumn 2022

Recording and Using Mini-lecture Videos: What does the Research Say?

  • Presented by Nick Swinehart
  • Thursday, Oct 20, 2-3pm


Monolinguistic Bias, Error Correction, and the Language Classroom: Connecting Research with Practice

  • Presented by Karin Maxey
  • Wednesday, Oct 26, 2:30-3:30pm


Whose Test Is It? Understanding the Uses and Roles of Proficiency Tests for Your Language Program

  • Presented by Cathy Baumann and Ahmet Dursun
  • Tuesday, Nov 8, 2-3pm