CLC Pedagogy Talks

CLC Pedagogy Talks aim to cover a diverse range of topics and presenters. To foster discussion and community we encourage attending via Zoom at the scheduled time as much as possible, but each session will be recorded for those who cannot attend. All workshops are held online and are limited to University of Chicago faculty and staff unless otherwise noted.  Contact Nick Swinehart at for Zoom info.

Autumn 2023

For Autumn 2023, all our talks are also being presented at either the 2023 Consortium Workshop for Language Teaching and Learning (CLTL) or at ACTFL 2023.

  • Integrating ChatGPT and into Language Education – Shiva Rahmani (German) and Nick Swinehart (CLC)
    • Friday, Oct 27, 2:30pm
  • Analyzing the Domain of Graduate Academic Language Proficiency in Higher Education: The Case of Yiddish – Jessica Kirzane (Yiddish)
    • Tuesday, Oct 31, 12:30pm
  • Transform It, Don’t Trash It: Making Textbook Activities Communicative – Alan Parma (Spanish and Portuguese) and Amy Bustin (Spanish; University of Delaware)
    • Thursday, Nov 9, 2pm
  • Critical Pedagogy through Audiovisual Materials in the Italian Classroom – Leonardo Cabrini (Italian)
    • Tuesday, Nov 14, 3:30

Workshops from Academic Tech Solutions 

UChicago ATS will be holding two hybrid workshops as part of their Try IT series, along with a robust calendar of workshops and office hours.

  • The Text Is Our Table: Annotation as a Means of Class Discussion
  • Taking the Temperature: Poll Everywhere & Real-Time Feedback