Julie Matsubara
Office: Cobb 228

Email: jmatsubara@uchicago.edu

Julie Matsubara

Director, English Language Institute


Julie Matsubara is the Director of the English Language Institute, where she manages a team of ESL/EAL Language Pedagogy Specialists and oversees program operations. She also maintains open communications with key administrative members of the twelve divisions and schools around campus and other partner offices such as UChicagoGRAD and the Writing Program. Julie has extensive experience teaching English as an additional language (EAL) in Japan and the U.S. and transitioned to a managerial role starting in 2009. In her free time, she likes to explore the Chicago neighborhoods and discover new restaurants. 


PhD in Linguistics, Northwestern University, 2017

MA in Applied Linguistics, Teachers College, Columbia University, 2006

BA in Linguistics and International Studies, Northwestern University, 2002


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