Rod Edwards

Office: Cobb 211

Email: redwards@uchicago.edu

Rod Edwards

IT Specialist and Operations Manager, CLC


Rod Edwards has been with the CLC since 2004, when he began working as acting student manager, and was hired as full-time staff in 2008. He is currently the Center’s in-house IT and AV support and also oversees the Center’s daily operation. Rod holds an M.A. in Theoretical Linguistics as well as a J.D. and is a member of the Illinois Bar. Rod’s linguistic interests focus on historical and comparative studies, primarily among Afro-Asiatic languages.  A self-professed language geek, he has formally studied a smattering of languages:  French, German, Italian, Old English, Old Irish, Classical Greek, Latin, Arabic, Akkadian, Classical Hebrew, Aramaic, Sabaean, Ge‘ez, Middle Egyptian, and Coptic. His legal interests include the intersection of technology and the law, and intellectual property law.