On Wednesday, Feb 17, 2021, Nicole Burgoyne (German) and Nick Swinehart (CLC) gave a workshop introducing several technical tools and techniques: automatic foreign-language captions with Microsoft Stream, screen recording with Loom, and graphic design with Canva.

Workshop recording

Captioning starts at 2:22; Loom starts at 26:20; and Canva starts at 41:50

Nicole’s slides (captioning, Microsoft Stream)

Nick’s slides (Loom, Canva)

Additional resources for each tool can be found below (though I recommend watching the workshop if you’re unfamiliar with these tools). Also feel free to schedule a one-on-one meeting with Nicole (https://burgoyne-uchicago.youcanbook.me/) or Nick (https://nswinehart.youcanbook.me/) to get a hands-on tutorial.

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is a multimedia platform that is included in UChicago’s Office 365 suite.

• Nicole recorded a brief asynchronous tutorial video for creating foreign language captions in Stream and uploading them to Canvas via Panopto.

Documentation from Microsoft on creating automatic captions in Stream (only English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish languages are currently supported for autogenerated captions)


Loom (loom.com) is cloud-based screen recording tool.

• Loom for Educators is a one-stop shop for getting started and getting the free pro features available for educators.

• However, their Desktop App link seems to be broken. To download Loom for your machine or for Chrome, go to https://www.loom.com/download

• Loom privacy information: Since UChicago does not have a license with Loom and IT Services has not vetted their security and privacy policy, I would recommend not using any student info or data in Loom videos.


Canva (canva.com) is an online graphic design tool that drastically lowers the learning curve for creating custom images, compared to products like Adobe Illustrator.

Detailed tutorial for beginners (YouTube video)

• Canva’s Design School videos on getting started. The videos in the second row seem like they’d be most helpful.

• One great thing about Canva is all the Templates they offer. For those with limited graphic design skills, it’s much easier to modify a nice-looking template than it is to try to build something from scratch.