The University of Chicago’s language community will be very well represented at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) annual conference November 17-19 at McCormick Place in downtown Chicago.

  • Ana Flavia Boeing Marcelino – The Brazilian oral proficiency CELPE-Bras exam in comparison to the OPI (electronic poster)
  • Maeve Hooper, Colin Benert, Shiva Rahmani, and Nicole Burgoyne – Proficiency-Oriented Reverse Design: Realigning a German Program 
  • Shane Dunkle – The Chicago ESL Resource Mapping Project: A Task-Based Language Activity
  • Karin Maxey & Catherine Baumann – A Proficiency-Oriented, Reverse-Designed Approach to Language Curricula 
  • Ahmet Dursun and Darcy Lear Collaborative Research in Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP)
  • Jessica Kirzane – Graduate Academic Yiddish Proficiency in Higher Education
  • Leonardo Cabrini and Veronica Vegna – Critical Pedagogy through Audiovisual Materials in the Italian Classroom
  • Alan Parma and Amy Bustin – Transform it, don’t trash it: Making textbook activities communicative
  • Janet SedlarKeep It Real: Unscripted Audios for Transcultural and Pragmatic Competence
  • Colin Benert – Science, Technology, and the Environment in the German Curriculum
  • Noha Forster – Using Debate in the Arabic Classroom to Reach the Advanced Level 

Congratulations to all our presenters.