What is Panopto?

Panopto is a multi-functional video content management tool. The three main uses, as I see them, are:

1. Media library: Panopto allows instructors AND students to store and stream video files in a way that is better than uploading them directly to Canvas. It also creates a personal library of media that you can integrate into any of your Canvas sites (or beyond).

2. Creating video content: Once you become familiar with using Panopto, it is a relatively easy and efficient way to create asynchronous instructional videos and integrate them into your Canvas course (though Zoom also offers some efficient way to produce “flipped” lecture videos–talk to Nick about that).

3. In-video quizzes: a fairly more-advanced use of is adding in-video quizzes, with grades recorded directly into the Canvas gradebook. This is a good way to perform comprehension checks, and to make sure students are watching your videos.

Again, those are just three uses. Below is a quick introduction from the Panopto team.


Why should one use Panopto?

One primary benefit of Panopto is extra storage space within Canvas. Each Canvas course is only allotted so much space. If you are only recording brief weekly overview messages for your students you might be fine. But if you record several longer videos directly into Canvas, you might run of out space. (Note that both Panopto and Zoom have unlimited cloud storage.)

Another benefit is that creating videos in Panopto is fairly efficient, once you get over the initial learning curve. Your videos are saved directly to your video library and can then be added to a Canvas course without extra uploading/file management.


How does one use Panopto?

IT Services has a lot of information on using Panopto:

1. First and foremost, they are holding a workshop several days this week titled “Introduction to Panopto for Recording Online Lectures.” I strongly recommend trying to attend one of these if this is a tool you are interested in (though I’m guessing an asynchronous recording will be available later).

2. There is currently a fairly brief (17 minute) asynchronous video titled “Using Panopto for Distance Learning” created by an instructional professor from BSD available on their website.

3. They also have a number of help guides available.

Get started with those if you’re interested, and as always set up an appointment to go over it together.