One bright spot in these chaotic times has been the amazing response by the instructional technology community. Below are some resources to help with the transition.

If you have more, please send them to nswinehart[at] I will add new resources to the top of each section as they come in.


From UChicago IT Services/Center for Teaching

Teaching Remotely homepage, added 3/21/20

Introduction to Canvas and Zoom for Teaching Remotely, added 3/21/20

Articles about the current situation

How to Make Your Online Pivot Less Brutal, added 3/16/20

-Emergency Remote Instruction Checklist for Higher Ed – Quality Matters, added 3/13/20

-Going Online in a Hurry: What to Do and Where to Start – Chronicle

Prepare to Move Online (in a Hurry) – Inside Higher Ed

Rapidly Shift to Online During a Campus Shut Down: Responding to Global Emergencies like the Coronavirus – Online Learning Consortium (OLC)

Joint Response Regarding COVID-19 and Advice on Transitioning Face-to-Face Courses Online – OLC

15 Strategies for Online Learning When School is Closed – Global Online Academy

Ensuring Instructional Continuity in a Potential Pandemic – Inside Higher Ed

So You Want to Temporarily Teach Online – Inside Higher Ed

Webinar videos

Pandemic Prepping Part 3 – Q&A – added 3/25/20

Pandemic Prepping in the Language Class #2 – What to Expect from the Unexpected – IALLT, added 3/21/20

Emergency Remote Instruction (ERI) Checklist – Quality Matters – added 3/13/20

-Pandemic Prepping in the Language Class – FLT Mag, IALLT

Using Online, Live Instruction to Support Instructional Continuity – OLC (must register, but free)

Making the Shift to Online Learning: Emergency Preparedness & Instructional Continuity – OLC

How to Survive Your (Hurried) Switch to Online Delivery Using UDL – OLC, upcoming on March 26


Collections of Resources

OLC Continuity Planning and Emergency Preparedness

Teaching in the context of COVID-19 – Google Doc

Teaching Effectively During Times of Disruption – Google Doc

Resources for Online Meetings, Classes, and Events – Google Doc

Remote Teaching Resources for Business Continuity – Google Doc

Social Media

Teaching in the Time of Corona: Resources (Facebook Group) added 3/18/20

#InstructionalContinuity on Twitter

#CovidCampus on Twitter

Additional Resources

Advice Guide: How to Be a Better Online Teacher – Chronicle

Accessible Remote Teaching – Google Doc