Screenshot from Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

On March 4, a panel of guests joined Nick Swinehart for a discussion centered around using Hypothesis as a tool for social annotation in language classes.

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0:00 – Introduction by Nick Swinehart

3:13 – Technical Overview by Sarah McDaniel, UChicago Academic Technology Solutions

17:20 – Panel discussion: Pedagogical how and why of using Hypothesis for social annotation (Nicole Burgoyne, German; Maeve Hooper, German; Shiva Rahmani, German; Colin Shelton, Latin)


From UChicago Academic Technology Solutions:

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ATS blog post on social annotation and Hypothesis

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Panel discussion hosted by Remote Humanities on December 9, 2020 (similar to the panel discussion linked above, but not specific to language teaching

From our panelists:

Maeve’s slides

Nicole’s slides

Colin’s screenshots of Latin assignments

From Hypothesi.s:


Hypothesis & Perusall comparedplease note that this is from the Hypothesis team, so should not be confused with an unbiased comparison