Exciting news from the CLC!

The Language Center has replaced our old Toshiba color copier with a new Canon color copier. The new machine is in the same space near Cathy’s office as the one it replaces and uses the same PaperCut system as before. However, there have been some changes to how one sends jobs to the printers.

  • When printing from a computer, PaperCut will present the user with two choices for print jobs—Toshiba (B&W), near the microwave, and Canon (Color), near Cathy’s office. The designations as B&W and Color are primarily for identification of machine.
  • Both machines can print in B&W, but only one handles color. When a user submits a job to a printer, it will only go to that one machine, unlike under the old system. So if jobs do not show up on one machine, check the other.