Most large classrooms in Cobb Lecture Hall were renovated over the summer of 2018 with more modern, higher quality AV equipment. Some features:

  • Projectors: large rooms received new laser projectors, with a sharper image and a quicker start-up time
  • TV monitors: bigger monitors that allow better viewing from the back of the class
  • Speakers: new built-in speakers or soundbars
  • HDMI connections: all rooms now have more modern HDMI connections
  • Multi-region Blu-Ray and DVD players
  • Cobb 201AB: 201AB now has dual screens by default, and can be configured so all three screens in 201 can display a single computer.
  • Tables and chairs:  most classrooms on the 1st, 3rd, and 4th floors in Cobb now have lighter tables with wheels, allowing them to be moved easily
  • ShareLink wireless content sharing: share the screen of your computer, phone, or tablet wirelessly

For more information about any of these changes, please see CLC staff.