Welcome back language instructors, LAs, and grad students! Here are some updates and reminders from the Language Center for Fall 2017.

  • The typical hours for the Center will be 8am-8pm Monday-Thursday and 8am-5pm Friday. For security reasons, student employees may close the Center early on nights when there are no classes scheduled and no other staff or instructors present.
  • Room reservations:
    • Reminder that any requests for changes to room assignments or meeting times for official course meetings, as listed in the course catalog, must be requested through the Registrar at reg-courses@lists.uchicago.edu.
    • Any discussion sections, drills, or other supplemental meetings not listed with the Registrar can be requested through Ellen Hohmann (ehohmann@uchicago.edu). Please include the name of the course, meeting time(s), and number of students. We will not start assigning rooms to these requests until Wednesday of Week 1, after all courses have had a chance to meet.
  • There are window air conditioners in Cobb 205, 218, 210, 224, and 228 left over from summer construction to Cobb Hall that (shockingly) has taken longer than expected. Feel free to turn these on or off as necessary to keep your room comfortable.
  • We have new tables in Cobb 210, 201AB, and 201C that are lighter and have locking wheels. These are designed to be more flexible and easy to move; you are encouraged to move them however you would like for your class, but please have students put them back in their original positions before leaving the classroom. If these work well we’ll try to get them in more classrooms, so we welcome any feedback.
  • We have four brand new student employees–Alex, Delaney, Rahul, and Kerwin. Please welcome them as they settle into their new roles.