Please help us welcome these new student employees to the Language Center.

Delaney Gold-Diamond

  • I’m studying Political Science and Romance Languages & Literatures with a focus on Spanish.
  • Spanish is the only language I’ve studied seriously, although I did briefly dabble in Esperanto! I’m from wine country—Sonoma, California.
  • My favorite trip ever was when my youth symphony traveled through central Europe, including Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. It was a lot of fun to learn about countries through the context of their music, and play the clarinet in all sorts of different venues!

Kerwin Holmes, Jr

  • I am a second-year MA in Divinity at UChicago Divinity School. I am currently studying Early Christianity with an interest in the cultural ways that theology developed in the Early Church from its Jewish roots.
  • I speak English and Spanish, and I am able to read Attic Greek.
  • My hometown is Perry, Georgia.
  • My favorite trips are usually the trips that my family and I took as I was growing up whenever the Fall season came. We would travel to the Smoky Mountains and the Piedmont Mountains of North Georgia.

Alex Jania

  • I’m a Ph.D. student in Modern Japanese History
  • I have studied both modern and classical Japanese language.
  • My hometown is Austin, Texas.
  • The trip that has impacted me the most was a short trip to the Tōhoku region of Japan in 2012, only one year following the 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami (also known as 3/11) that devastated the coastal area. The visit was part of a 6-week intensive summer language training course I participated in during undergrad. We stayed in a mobile home set up for volunteer workers in the Minami-sanriku area. I was struck by the scale of the devastation, the stunning natural beauty of the coast, and the kindness/strength of the disaster survivors we met. This experience deeply moved me and influenced me to study the history of natural disasters in Japan.

Rahul Jantwal

  • I’m working on a Master of Science in Analytics (MScA) degree.
  • I speak English, Hindi, and Punjabi.
  • My hometown is Nainital, India.
  • My favorite trip happened a few years, back when I took my first motorcycle road trip to Leh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. The landscape and scenery in the region are some of the most spectacular sights I’ve ever seen!