Student Services:

Create a Video Project

If your language instructor has asked you to create a video project for your language class, you're in the right place!

At the Chicago Language Center, we can lend you a high-end digital video camera for your video project, and we can also help you learn how to get the best picture and sound.


Step #1: Reserve your Camera

Because our video cameras are often in high-demand, we require students (or student groups) to reserve a camera in advance. You will need to come to the CLC in person in order to fill out the reservation and sign a terms-of-use form.

You can speed this process by printing and signing a terms-of-use PDF form in advance.

  1. Video camera use is restricted to students in language courses with assigned video projects. If a number of students work in a group, the student who signs the terms-of-use form is financially responsible for all damages and late fees.
  2. Cameras may only be checked out for 24 hours at a time. Students should allow 10 minutes during check-out and check-in to inventory camera items with a CLC staff member.
  3. Late fees will accrue at the rate of $5 per day over-due, and the instructor will be notified. In case of non-repairable damage to cameras or camera equipment, charges assigned based on replacement cost. See the terms-of-use form for specifics.

Step #2: Learn How to Use Your Camera

The following video is a quick online a training session on how to set up and operate your video camera. You can also scroll to a specific section to focus on a particlar skill. A table of contents is included below the video for easier navigation.

Camera Tutorial
Camera Training Video Contents
00:00 - 00:24 Introductory Remarks 08:39 - 11:56 Understanding Menu Settings
00:25 - 04:57 Items Included in the Camera Bag 11:57 - 13:20 Recording and Playback
04:58 - 06:54 Using the External Microphone 13:21 - 14:47 Packing up the Camera Equipment
06:55 - 08:38 Placing the Camera on the Tripod 14:48 - 17:19 Transferring Video to a Computer