Student Video Presentations

Video presentations can help your students share their language skills in fun and creative ways.

At the CLC, it is easy to incorporate video presentations into your course syllabus. Please follow the steps to arrange student video camera checkouts from the CLC: Camera Use

  • As near to the beginning of the quarter as possible, let a full-time CLC staff member know that you'd like to arrange student video presentations.
  • In your syllabus, you should inform students that they must come into the CLC in advance to reserve a camera and sign a release form. You should also direct students to our training video for camera use, located in 'Student Resources' section of this website (Create a Video Project).
  • Submit the dates of the assignment and a list of your students' names to the CLC front desk.
  • You can choose a preferred way for students to hand in their video presentations to you, whether as a DVD, computer file, or CHALK submission.

If you are still wondering whether video presentations are right for language course, we hope you'll stop by the CLC and discuss possibilities with a CLC staff member.