Rent Computers and Technology

We provide language instructors at the University of Chicago with all types of technology to enhance your classes. Come to the CLC front desk to check out any of the items below.


Laptop Computers
We have both PC and MAC laptops which can be set up for any needed language fonts.


With our speaker sets you can amplify sound from your laptop or other media device.


CD/Cassette Players
The CLC has players for CDs and for many forms of pre-digital media.


Headphones are available for classroom groups or individual needs.


Video Cameras
You can use video cameras for class filming or allow students to create Video Projects.


Computer Adapters
Our adapters allow all models of laptops to connect to classroom projectors.


Get creative... spice up your classroom activities with our iPad app!


DVD Players
With our DVD players you can show video from any classroom within the CLC.

Audio Recorders

Audio Recorders
Our audio recorders work great for both one-on-one and larger group interviews.

LCD Projectors

LCD Projectors
Please contact the CLC front desk if you'd like to reserve a projector.

Portable equipment is available for check out any time during CLC open hours. Rentals must be returned by the end of the day unless you have prior approval from the CLC. Most equipment is available with no reservation, but if you have a critical need, feel free to reserve in advance at the CLC front desk.

*** If you are not a member of a University of Chicago language department and are interested in renting CLC technology, see our Rental Rates page for more info.