Prepare for Your Course

CLC Computer Station

Develop Your Syllabus

The CLC acts as a language hub where instructors can create and enhance course materials through access to state-of-the-art computers, software, and audiovisual recording equipment:

  • CLC computers are equipped with the latest software, such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Acrobat Pro, etc.
  • Our computers are formatted to switch between multiple language fonts. Many have software installations for specific language needs, like the Mellel word processor for Hebrew and Arabic.
  • We offer onsite training for the use of the equipment and computer software. Please contact the CLC to make an appointment with a staff member for planned needs, or feel free to drop by during open hours for help with unexpected technical problems.

Print Your Materials

The CLC offers both black/white and color printing to language instructors and teaching assistants at the University of Chicago:

  • Black and white printing for language departments is free. To keep your department's costs down, we ask you to print only one copy of a document and then use the photocopier for subsequent copies.
  • Printing services are only for language class documents! CLC policy prohibits the printing of dissertations, research papers, or personal materials.
  • Color printing is 35¢ per page, unless you have made prior arrangements at the CLC front desk.
CLC Copier

Copy Your Handouts

The CLC has two photocopiers that can be used to reproduce teaching materials for language classes:

  • Copying is regulated by the use of copy codes. You can receive a copy code from the CLC staff.
  • If you forget your copy code, please see the CLC front desk and they will be able to look it up for you.
  • Language instructors should check with their language coordinator about allowable copy limits for their class.
  • All photocopying should be restricted to class materials only!
  • By agreement between the language departments, the College and the CLC, each department is allocated a certain number of copies for which the College will pay ⅔ of the cost. During Summer Session, the Summer Language Institute pays a ⅓ share of each copy. Departments that exceed this number will pay the full cost of additional copies.
  • For large amounts of copying, please use the Humanities copy center in Walker.