Photo of a shared classroom

As of Autumn 2015, the University of Chicago is strengthening its language offerings by being an active member of the CIC CourseShare initiative. This initiative allows students within the CIC--the fourteen Big Ten schools and the University of Chicago--to enroll in selected courses offered at other institutions. This expands the number of courses offered to our students, while also strengthening enrollment in our least commonly taught languages.

Shared Courses offered by UChicago - 2016-2017

Language, Level Instructor Receiving Institution(s)
Polish, Advanced Kinga Kosmala Northwestern, Rutgers
Catalan, Accelerated Alba Girons Masot Minnesota

Shared Courses received by UChicago - 2016-2017

Language, Level Teaching Institution(s)
Hungarian, Advanced Indiana
Yiddish, Intermediate Michigan
Czech, Intermediate Indiana

Essential Information

  • You can only use CourseShare to enroll in courses that are not offered here on campus.
  • The institution offering the course sets the academic calendar. This means students may be required to attend class during breaks on their own campus.
  • Depending on the technology used, students may need access to specialized videoconference rooms or may need to purchase basic equipment, like a headset with microphone.
  • These courses combine in-person and remote students. If you are enrolled in a CourseShare course on your own campus, you are expected to attend each class in person.

For UChicago Students

If you need to take a language course not offered here at the university, you can view the list of available CourseShare courses here. To register for a course, you must get permission from your advisor and fill out a petition. You can download the petition here.

For Students at Peer Institutions

Please see the list of potentially shared courses at the top of this page. If you are interested in any of these courses: find the scheduled meeting time in the UChicago Time Schedules, fill out the Remote Student Interest Form, and get permission from your department chair.

Technology Requirements

Shared language courses taught by the University of Chicago use the Zoom conferencing software, enabling remote students to join from a personal computer. It is free, though an ethernet connection and a headset microphone may be necessary.