CLC Projects:

Grants and Funding

The Chicago Language Center can help fund projects that enhance language learning!

University of Chicago Language Instructors can receive project funding in a number of ways:

  1. Consortium Grants: Through membership with the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning, the University of Chicago is able to provide annual funding for projects promoting language teaching and learning. Approval for funding is determined in quarterly competitions evaluated by the local Consortium committee. Current committee members are Catherine Baumann (Chair), Nadine di Vito, Elena Bashir, Youquin Wang, and Kay Heikkinen. The grant proposal guidelines are downloadable here as a PDF or MS Word document.
  2. Class Materials Funding: The CLC has matching funds to purchase supplementary or extracurricular materials for students use. (Please contact your department for primary teaching materials.) Funds are rather limited, so we ask that requests be relatively modest, not exceeding $250. Before applying for CLC matching funds, please read the following conditions:
    • Applicants must submit a short proposal describing the materials to be purchased and their intended use.
    • Applicants must obtain written consent from the chair of her/his department and the commitment of her/his department to cover 1/3 of the cost of the materials. The CLC will then fund the remaining 2/3 of the cost.
    • All materials purchased with CLC matching funds become the property of the CLC.
  3. Special Event Sponsorship: The CLC has limited funding available for special projects, meetings, lectures, and other events and activities in connection to language teaching or learning. Please ask CLC staff for further details.

Submit your Project for CLC Support

(For administrative purposes, all fields must be filled out)

1*. How would you categorize your project?

Pedagogical project Development project Research project

2*. Please provide a short description of your project.

3. What is the estimated duration of the development phase of your project (e.g, summer quarter)?

4. What kind of support will you need from the CLC? (Check all that apply.)

Equipment Media Work space Staff assistance† Funding‡

† The CLC staff can train you and/or your project staff to use equipment and software. If you have a budget to hire assistants, the CLC also can help you find people with the appropriate skills for your project.
‡The University is a member of the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning, along with the Ivy League schools. Each year the Consortium provides the University with funds with which to foster language learning and research projects at the local or national level. The CLC staff can provide you with a proposal application and guidelines. For more information, please read the services that the CLC provides. See copyright information here.

5. Have you checked the Copyright permissions for the materials you wish to use (if necessary)?

Yes No (or Not yet) Not necessary

If you plan to use any materials that are protected by copyright, you will need to determine whether your use will constitute fair use or will require the permission of the copyright holder. If your audience is ONLY students and you plan to distribute your materials ONLY by a secure, password-accessible server (like Chalk), it is likely that your use will constitute fair use. The CLC staff can help you determine whether you need to seek copyright permission. If permission from the copyright holder is required, the CLC will need a copy of the permission letter before the project can continue. The University Copyright guideline can be reached here. Also, additional copyright information can be found in the following Web sites:

6. Have you consulted with the appropriate Institutional Review Boards if necessary?

Yes No (or Not yet) Not necessary

The University of Chicago requires that all proposals for research or pedagogical development projects using human subjects be reviewed by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) even if they do not use Federal funding. IRBs evaluate project protocols and human subject consent forms to determine whether a project can proceed. All projects using human subjects and the CLC must have IRB approval. There are two Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) at the University of Chicago:

The IRBs meet monthly during the academic year and one or two times in the summer. Protocols must be submitted to the appropriate IRB office by a set deadline before the monthly meeting. Please contact the IRB office directly for specific dates. Protocols are approved for a twelve-month period and may be submitted for renewal for additional twelve-month periods.

7. Would you like to archive your project or its related materials at the CLC?

Yes No Not decided yet