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The Chicago Language Center supports many types of language-related projects. If you are a University of Chicago language instructor, you can learn more about how to get financial support for your project by going to our Grants and Funding page.

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Soliloquy (Upcoming Spring 2012)

Soliloquy is an innovative iPad application that makes it easy for instructors to create interactive audio exercises to help students practice their conversational skills. Soliloquy makes learning models of listen and response accessible to larger groups of students, beyond the traditional classroom.

Aymar Arux Akhamawa: Video Modules for Aymara

The intensive Aymara program at the University of Chicago has developed video materials of authentic, unscripted, native-spoken Aymara filmed on location in Bolivia with trilingual transcriptions and exercises.

Russian Through Culture

This project collects culturally authentic materials (annotated novellas, documentaries, TV news transcripts) to help upper-level Russian students to differentiate between real versus textbook Russian.

Videos, Text, and Translation for Learning Tibetan

This Tibetan language program initiative at the University of Chicago helps students learn Tibetan through a variety of on-line resources, including video clips, texts, and translation software.

Les Français parlent (Encore!)

For a number of years this project has collected an extensive database of non-scripted French spoken discourse as a basis for a learning method for beginning French courses at the University of Chicago.

Kanji Alive

Kanji Alive

Kanji Alive is a searchable, web-based tool to help beginning and intermediate level Japanese language learners read and write kanji. Kanji alive was originally developed for use at the University of Chicago, but it is now accessible to all students of Japanese through its free-access website.

Slavic Casebooks

The Case Books Series

Through textbooks and exercises for Russian, Czech, and Polish (upcoming), the Case Book Series helps students navigate the rich and often confusing details of slavic language case usage. Materials from the project are fully accessible through an interactive website.

Chinese Pinyin Mandarin Sound System

The four main lessons that comprise the 'Sound System' are used extensively in beginning Chinese courses at the University of Chicago to provide students with a strong foundation in pronounciation.

Native Hand

The Native Hand project is a series of programs that assist students learn to read and write different alphabets and work on approximating and recognizing native styles of handwriting. Cyrillic Quickly is the first of segment of the series, accessible by a free-access website.

Georgian Teaching Materials

This project develops teaching materials that incorporate text, audio, and in some cases, video for beginning and intermediate learners of the Georgian language at the University of Chicago.

Interactive Training of Korean Prosody

The general objective of this study is to develop a web-based pedagogical tool that can help learners of Korean better approximate native speakers through intonation, grammatical structures, and word groupings.

Italian Project

Italian Videos for Cultural Awareness

This corpus of video clips enhances materials used by the Italian language program at the University of Chicago to raise cultural awareness and reflection on Italian society, geography, and current events.

Brazilian Portuguese Project

Portuguese Brazil: Sounds and Scenes

Sounds and Scenes is an interactive multimedia project featuring Brazilians speaking on a variety of themes, supported by surrounding cultural contexts. Segments are intended for classroom use or computerized self-instruction, and will be augmented by listening exercises developed with the Soliloquy iPad Application.

Russian through Literary Readings

This workbooks integrates a range of active learning activities into readings of intermediate level Russian literature. It provides a sound pedagogical basis and sufficient material to help students learn Russian through reading.

Aspectual Pairs of Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian Verbs

This ongoing project aims to compile data on the most commonly-used verbs in BCS and provide it to language students world-wide as an online searchable database.

Slavic languages Mapping Human Conceptual Space

The goal of this project is to modernize Optimal Classification software to develop a comprehensive and user-friendly application that analyzes, reports on, and graphs language data.

Chinese Historical Accounts, Folk Stories, Fables, and Fairy Tales

This reading series includes short stories, vocabularly exercises, and sound files to help students broaden their linguistic range while introducing the spirit of Chinese cultural thought.

Spanish Project

Speech Act Database for Spanish

This pedagogical project recorded native Spanish speakers in a number of speech acts (apologies, leave-taking, compliments, asking directions, complaining, etc.) to be used as linguistic models for beginning Spanish students.

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